segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2009

Angulo: "I come with the ambition of a kid of 17 years"

Miguel Angulo has been presented to reinforce the Sporting. The striker will wear the 17 jersey, the same that once belonged to Paulo Bento, current coach of Sporting: "The 17 doesn't have much history. I saw the numbers that were vacant ... Maybe you have chosen because I come with the ambition of a kid of 17 years! I didn't know was the number of Paulo Bento. "

The player entered the room with 18 new members and made clear he would give them joy: "The expectations at the individual level are the greatest. I would go every Sunday on the field, be proud to wear this shirt and feel important and valued. Collectively, the goal is to win a title, which is what we all want. In the 14 years of Valencia won many now have come to win others. My ambition is to be able to go outside and celebrate the title with all sportinguistas".

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