segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

Caicedo stops three weeks, Postiga two weeks

The advanced Caicedo and Helder Postiga will stop three and two weeks respectively, following the injuries incurred during last Saturday's game with Sp. Braga.

The Ecuadorian contracted a sprained right knee that caused a stretch in the internal lateral ligament. Despite announcing that it is an injury "not serious and no other significant associated injuries", the department's clinical Sporting provides a recovery time of "not less than three weeks".

Already the Portuguese suffered a strain in the posterior right thigh, which resulted in a muscle that, "although not clinically worrisome", obliges one stop "not less than two weeks".

Both players will miss the game of the second "hand" of the play-off access to the group stage of the Champions League with Fiorentina, as well as meeting with the Academic for the third round of the League. Caicedo should also stay out of the receipt to P. Ferreira, meeting the fourth round of the Portuguese league.

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