sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009

"Fábio is very close to the Grémio," says the father of Rochemback

The father of Fábio Rochemback says the average sporting is very close to returning to Brazil and the Grémio of Porto Alegre.

"Everything is well underway. I already talked with the Grémio and just need to define the situation with Sporting. I would say that it has 90 per cent chance of returning", says Juarez Rochemback, cited by Globoesporte.

The Grémio, for now, doesn't confirm the deal, but leaves the door open. "It's an interesting player to any club, the experience and quality. Who can afford to deny such an increase? But have not made any contact yet", says the vice president Luiz Meira.

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