sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Pedro Silva increased

Better pay for Pedro Silva order of ten percent. Moreover, the right-back will have a contract until 2012. The agreement was reached last week and will be announced soon by the management of SAD.

The-administration of Sporting SAD last week reached an agreement with the representative of Pedro Silva, Theodore Constantine, to renew the contract of Brazilian defender, who will see their wage conditions improved by about ten per cent over the current link force.

The Brazilian right back is, for now, connected to the lions by 2011 and, in light of the new contract will extend the link for one more season, which runs until 2012, when they have 31 years.

Theodore Constantine was last week in Lisbon to deal with the termination of Rodrigo Tiuí, the striker who was separated from the lions without costs to either party.

It was in those days that the businessman, who works for the super-agent Uruguayan Juan Figge, got the agreement of the leaders of the lions on Pedro Silva, a topic that was being discussed between the two since May.
Pedro Silva joined the Lions in 2007/08, from the Corinthians, and had a contract lower squad.

The agreement is reached, all that remains is to sign and announce it publicly, something that should happen after the close of the transfer market.

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