segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

Rochemback wants out

Fabio Rochemback wants to leave Sporting, if the current alternate status doesn't change. Who is the guarantor Vifran Pompey, the assessor of Brazilian midfielder, who claims to have done to reach Pedro Barbosa a proposal for a foreign club. "Fabio is tired of this. He wants to play. They say he is fat, but he isn't fat ... he had a son and is more mature", argues a representative of the number 8 of the "lions", lamenting that nobody's Sporting "has been publicly defend" Rochemback: "They had to be them saying that Fabio isn't fat and is a good professional."

Echoing the ideas that the average of 27 years "or much help Sporting" and that "if it is to be on the bench", it is best to release him of his undertaking, Pompey considers "logical" the existence of proposals "of Brazil and Europe". One very interesting and that is already in the hands of the sporting director of the lions.

"I don't know if Bettencourt this proposal, but Pedro Barbosa know and, if not to play, why not let him go", asks the player representative of unfair, concluding: "The club concerned are willing to pay for everything".

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