sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2009

Hugo: "Sporting didn't want to pay one million"

Brazilian midfielder Hugo, who was also the musings of Sporting as a possible strengthening of August, returned to speak about the transfer to shatter the club's Alvalade. This Thursday, a report said Saturday his country, the player stated that Sao Paulo will leave the artisan at the end of 2009, preferably towards a European team.

"Sporting wouldn't pay a million because I thought this figure too high. I also had a proposal by Greece, but the clubs didn't want to give this value. So I will end my contract with Sao Paulo and achieving the dream of playing in Europe. When my contract here finishes, it will be easier to contract in Europe. That's what I want. My contract runs until December 31 and I want to win another title with a sweater Sao Paulo. Then want to go to Europe at the end of the year", said Hugo.

In Sao Paulo since 2007, Hugo, 26, has left Brazilian football on two occasions, to represent the Monterrey, Mexico, and Tokyo Verdy, Japan.

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