sábado, 26 de setembro de 2009

Miguel Veloso: "Referee asked me excuse after the first yellow"

Miguel Veloso, Sporting of midfielder, ensures that the referee Duarte Gomes made an apology after showing the first yellow card of the player in a bid to Hulk, along the touchline. Veloso would be expelled in the second half, to accumulate. The F.C. Porto won by the narrowest of margins (1-0):

"Everyone saw how I was expelled. After the first yellow, the referee asked me to excuse one seconds after giving me yellow. This can't continue like this, such a situation can't continue to happen in football. I've seen players to be punished after games. Therefore also think deserved to be decriminalized in the face of it. There was no uniformity of opinion. In a bid, Raul Meireles could also have been expelled, with the second yellow card. Sporting went head on. Even with ten, we had the opportunity and could have reached the draw".

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