quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2009

Project Sporting TV starts in 2010

Talks between the Sporting and Portugal Telecom are well advanced and is convinced all involved that the Sporting TV will become reality in 2010. José Eduardo Bettencourt and Pedro Afra, responsible for marketing unfair, met in recent days with Rui Pedro Soares, manager of the national telecommunications operator, and were more or less defined the ways in which the channel will work.

Despite all the secrecy surrounding the negotiations, conducted personally by the president of the lions, it is possible to advance the channel club Alvalade work similarly to Benfica TV. That is, the contents are the responsibility of the club, the project financing is the responsibility of PT, which will in return be able to market the product in its main platform for cable television, Meo.

The advantages to the Sporting are evident, since the Alvalade club will have an effective channel for reaching their fans across the country and the world, and can thus make its initiatives and promote their products.

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