quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2009

Stojkovic requests one year of salaries to terminate contract

The Sporting is negotiating the termination of contract with Stojkovic, Serbian, which is not in the accounts of Paulo Bento since the start of the 2008/09 season. The player's manager, Zoran Stojadinovic said the issue was talked before the closing date of entries (31 August), but not reached a consensus as to the funds.

"We talked about that possibility. The Stojkovic has three-year contract but don't want the money on the entire agreement. He asked for wages relating only to a longer time to terminate the contract and follow its life. The amount in question is approximately one million gross. The problem is that Sporting didn't accept and not come close to that proposal. I can not say that one third of that offered", he says.

For now, Stojkovic selection in serbia this Wednesday to face France - will hold - and the matter should be raised again when the goalkeeper to get to Lisbon.

"I will try to talk again with the leaders of Sporting. If not, run out of play until January", says Stojadinovic.

The termination of contract could be a viable option for Stojkovic who thus would be free to sign for another club, as the international regulations for the inclusion of unemployed players at any time.

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