domingo, 23 de março de 2008

Bento says V. Setubal won well, Carvalhal praises Eduardo

Paulo Bento and Carlos Carvalhal showed, after a decision by the end of the Carlsberg Cup, states of mind completely opposite statements in RTP. The coach of Sporting was visibly shot, as the coach of the V. Setubal was still with euphoria:

Paulo Bento, Sporting coach of:
"Major penalties are always a lottery. Dependent much of the emotional state, it is always difficult to control. Much as the train penalties if there is no training that is similar to a situation of the game, the physical wear that. More than the decision in major penalties not made a good game. It is true that we had the game controlled the 90 minutes, do not allow the V. Setúbal make quick transitions, practically only created a situation of goal, but we also did not create good danger. It was a final between two teams that are respected and what I think is that the V. Setúbal was a fair winner of the League Cup.

Carlos Carvalhal, coach of the V. Setúbal:
"I am satisfied. It was a balanced game, with opportunities for both sides, we had very blatant occasions to mark the Sporting also had some, unfortunately we do not as we achieve and we had to decide everything in major penalties, a point that we had experienced this season, in which we were happy. If was confident? Yes, I was very confident. Not trained very this, because this is not practice, but we can have a goalkeeper that besides give us points, gives us bowls. It was a very great suffering, but it was worth it."

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