domingo, 23 de março de 2008

Carlsberg Cup: V.Setúbal 0-0 Sporting, 3-2, g.p.

The V. Setubal won the first edition of the Carlsberg Cup, after winning the Sporting on penalties, by 3-2. At the end of 90 minutes has been a tie without goals and sadinos were better in the lottery of the major penalties, with Eduardo to defend the trim, Polga, Liedson and Izmailov. From the side of setubalenses, Jorginho shot to the post and Paulinho allowed the defence of Rui Patrick.

The lions still not be lucky with the penalties. Polga, who had already missed two major penalties in Bwin League, again unable to dial. Moutinho and Romagnoli again getting the goalposts.

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