sexta-feira, 14 de março de 2008

Paulo Bento: "Happy to be in the quarters-finals"

At the end of the meeting, Paulo Bento was, naturally, pleased with the outcome, but also with the display of his players: "It was a good result, with a display safe. Were well in the second part, where we were better in terms offensive. After the goal, manage better than hitherto, because we had more space, due to the fact that Bolton have put more men in front. There, we could hold the ball more and starting with more space for the attack. Despite not playing well in the first 45 minutes, I think, over 90, we had opportunities to win by more goals difference. 2-0 would, in my view, the result fair. "

The technical considered "unfair" that "our team came very anxious, but the Bolton never created real opportunities for danger. There is no doubt that the Sporting is the fair winner of the eliminatory."

Regarding the strategy used by Bolton, Paulo Bento was not surprised: "We are not surprised the way they came here playing. Almost We are certain that were going to make this game, and direct bet on balls stops. Created problems but the Sporting was attentive and aggressive.

About the public, the coach 'green and white' only said: "I do not suspect the public. If the public suspected of us? I do not know. What I know is that there are people interested in harming the Sporting and one of them is in SIC "(this station was a reporter who asked the question to Paul Benedict).

About Possible opponents of the rooms-finals, the technician said "unfair" not to have preferences: I am not concerned about the opponent. I am proud to be among these great teams. The opponent Maybe we will find an opponent willing to fight 180 minutes to reach the semi-finals, said.

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