domingo, 23 de março de 2008

Rangers bought 2,500 tickets to Sporting to give fans

The Glasgow Rangers, Sporting opponent in the quarters-finals of the UEFA Cup, decided to offer their supporters by the tireless support throughout this season.

The Scottish club reduced the price of tickets from season to children and decided to offer around 2,500 tickets for the meeting at the Alvalade Stadium, scheduled for April 10.

According explained those responsible for the Glasgow Rangers, investment in the purchase of tickets for the game in Portugal around 65 thousand euros. Now, the club will provide for the fans with better records of holdings in the displacement of the team.

"This is a big thank you to our supporters for their extraordinary devotion. They have been fantastic in supporting and behavior during the games. Therefore, we are happy to offer them these tickets, "said Martin Bain, director-executive of the Sporting opponent.

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