domingo, 23 de março de 2008

Tonel: "The V. Setúbal was happy and did so"

Tonel, the central Sporting, in statements at the end of the defeat in major penalties before the V. Setubal, who represented the loss of the Carlsberg Cup:

"The first half was balanced, between two teams who managed to dominate up to one another, although perhaps with more control of V. Setubal. The second part has been more divided and we have achieved better control. "

"The V. Setúbal had a great opportunity when a ball shot to the post. They have done everything to play our mistake and it seemed liked the idea of going to penalties. We trained the penalties, but this is not scientific. "

"If the V. Setúbal played very defensively? They used weapons of them, is that we had an obligation to take the game more. The V. Setúbal was happy and did so. It is sad lose a final, we knees, but now we have to lift our heads. "

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