quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2008

Romagnoli: "It will not be easier to play at Alvalade that in England"

Ensuring a place among the eight finalists of the UEFA Cup is the aim of Sporting, which faces this Thursday, in Alvalade, and with all the strength, Bolton, on the second hand of eighths-finals of proof Europe. And anyone who has doubts about the ambition of the team of Sporting, defended the medium Romagnoli.

The Sporting is a great team and we have to play to win in any field. Brought good results from there [1-1], but we can not take it for granted and play for the void, "noted the Argentine, the fourth, at the press conference to preview of the meeting.

The reception to Bolton follows the defeat for the championship in Guimarães, (bad) memory that will not affect the Sporting, assured Romagnoli, which nevertheless does not expect facilities by playing at home. "With the V. Guimarães things do not go well, however, has passed, already forgotten. Tomorrow will be a different game and we are aware of the importance of the win. But it will be easier to play at Alvalade that in England. The Bolton is a strong league and if we think that at home will be easier are wrong. "

In London, the wanderers ahead at the marker and Sporting had to run after the injury. The average hopes that, this time, are the lions to write the script. "We must have the ball more so that they do not play as at first hand. We know that is difficult because the first time we do not understand very well, in spite of improved terms in the second part, "considered.

"We give priority to all"

Romagnoli acknowledged that "was not accustomed to playing twice a week," however, begins to "get used up" and "be physically secured well." Best for Sporting, which will face Bolton in a management of players, who are more concerned with the English national championship. "I did not know they gave priority to the League. It is a matter of them. We give priority to all "stressed.

But contrary to what has happened in the cups, the dedication of the lions Bwin has not had the desired effect. "We found no explanation. We always everything and every game of the championship try to reverse things. This year has failed us some luck, "Romagnoli finalized.

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