quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2008

Sporting - Bolton: Simão and Zé Castro minimize chances English

The Bolton, the Sporting opponent in eighths-finals of the UEFA Cup, eliminated in the previous round At. Madrid. A defeat that Simão and Zé Castro had difficulty digest. Both of the Portuguese 'colchoneros "believe that the English training has little chance of achieving new surprise, this time facing the Sporting.

"Outside of England are normalíssimos. At home, for the environment, not stop. Away from home they have great difficulties. Not set in Madrid but were always on top of them. There could pass the half-field. The Sporting achieved a good result and now, at home, play as if there will certainly move to the next stage ", said the extreme, formed the club unfair.

Zé Castro says that even with the defeat Bolton was "the biggest disappointment with the sweater At. Madrid ", but does not believe that the set of Ricardo Vaz Té return to the party in the Iberian Peninsula. "At home, Bolton creates difficulties with the direct practicing football, but I think Sporting has more quality and certainly will pass."

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