quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2008

Sporting 1-0 Bolton (Highlights)


The left side was the most expeditious in the initial phase of the game, especially with regard to the defensive sector. It held with the football of physical and Bolton, despite having had more work that Abel, on the contrary, always came out on top. Then succeeded support the attack, with rises extremely tough at flank. That is, not run unnecessary risks, rose by some, but came from more than one occasion to the bottom line. It was the best lion on the field.


Point advance: the Brazilian had no fault in Chapter defensive. But if this thing comes out with positive note, the truth is that, in launching the attack, Polga was wrong. Rarely hit a pass and when it did, because after half-time, received palms. Lost it with the Sporting, as the Brazilian, with long passes, usually element of imbalance from the defence. In the last bid, made a cut providential. The sportinguistas asked the British to return the ball, then had thrown out. The players do not linked Bolton and had to be cut Polga bid a very danger to the lions.


Certainly, not marked, but the team returned to have the reference in the area you need. As always, the Brazilian was the fight, or pressured the defenses, went where the ball was delayed for guard-networks and even tried to luck. The high point was the 80 minutes, when filled to foot the defense of Al-Habsi. There was, but is always happy to play, which made him one of the most active in the field. And one of the best.


What else did trim in the team, although, at times, have been slow in the transition to the attack. Still, was not afraid to be happy, and when they thought they would once again take to drop the ball, put the ball to the left foot, already in area and placed it in English networks. A major goal that put the final point eliminatory. The second part was better that the first, with assists in goal, which gave him confidence to finish the game at large.

Vaz Té

It was the first to cause danger by the English. In this move received the ball in the chest, turned to the goalposts, entered the area and rematou meshes side of the goalposts, Patrício. Little else has done in the first part, after this bid, but has proved more option that the colleague of attack: the holder Helguson.


It is of the few with technical average in English team that played Thursday at Alvalade. As had batteries, has been organizing the little game of Bolton. But then disappeared. However, it was undoubtedly the best player in the Bolton on the lawn.

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