domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

Sporting-Leixões: Romagnoli spared, Yannick in front with Liedson

The thinking in the "derby" on Wednesday as Benfica, counting for the Cup of Portugal, Paulo Bento made a change in the usual eleven of the "lions". Romagnoli is on the bank opposite the Leixões and Farnerud is owned in mid-field.

Yannick holds in front of attack, next to Liedson, with the wave of Simon Vukcevic punished, which fulfilled a series of five yellow cards earlier in the day.

Team official:
SPORTING: Rui Patrício; Abel, Gladstone, Tonel e Ronny; Miguel Veloso, Farnerud, João Moutinho, Izmailov, Yannick e Liedson.
Suplentes: Tiago, Pedro Silva, Adrien, Tiui, Bruno Pereirinha, Romagnoli e Celsinho.

LEIXÕES: Jorge Baptista, Filipe Oliveira, Joel, Nuno Silva, Ezequias, Nuno Diogo, Bruno China, Paulo Machado, Hugo Morais, Jorge Gonçalves, Roberto.
Suplentes: Beto, Elvis, Pedro Cervantes, Diogo Valente, João Moreira, Nwoko e Nuno Amaro.

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