domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

UEFA Ranking: F.C. Porto begins 2008/09 behind Benfica and Sporting

The F.C. Porto will start 2008/09 season behind Benfica and Sporting in the UEFA ranking of clubs.

This results from the ranking be based on points of the last five seasons, so the year of gold for 2003/04 (victory in the Champions League) will no longer be counted.

On entry to the next season, the F.C. Porto will have 54,746 points and will be out of the 20 European teams better classified. The Benfica will have 63,746, which guarantees a position in the top 20. The Sporting has 58,793 points (20 th place), but can still be overtaken by Glasgow Rangers.

This ranking 2009 is in progress over the next season, according to the points that clubs are adding the 2008/09 season. And only the final classification will be relevant for the European position in the evidence in 2009/10.

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