segunda-feira, 12 de maio de 2008

Miguel Veloso: "We deserve the second place by the difficulties we had"

Miguel Veloso commenting on the second place in the championship achieved by Sporting, and the final of the Cup and how will its future, in the "flash-interview" of Sport TV that followed the triumph of Sporting on Boavista:

"Already we are to be an unfortunate habit at the beginning. But once again shown that we are a great team. We deserve second place by the difficulties we have had throughout the season."

"The F.C. Porto was a fair winner. Then there was a big dispute by three teams for second place. And most important was that we succeeded."

In respect of its future:

"I have a contract with Sporting until 2013. Let's see what the future reserves. I am a big club, but we all dream high and I don't flee to the rule. Of course I would give the jump, but we must give time to time. "

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