segunda-feira, 12 de maio de 2008

Sporting 2 - 1 Boavista (Resume)

The Sporting won the Boavista this Sunday, by 2-1, in 30th game of the day that closed the Bwin League and ensured the presence in the first phase of the Champions League 2008/09.

The "lions" only depended on you and them enough to stamp a tie second place in the championship, but began with a fright. Ivan Costa put the Boavista in front of four minutes.

But the Sporting reacted ready to put things in their favour, and eight minutes later, Romagnoli has equal penalty to punish lack of Izmailov.

Even the first time, the lions have put up the end of new surprises and Rodrigo Tiuí made the 2-1 Izmailov again with the bid.

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