sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2008

Sporting complains President of Players Association of 'bad faith' or 'ignorance'

Filipe Soares Franco revolted up this Thursday against the list circulated by the association of players (SJ) and that includes the Sporting between the clubs with salary arrears. The president said that unfair obligations with the players are in day and believes that the president of SJ, Joaquim Evangelista, acted as "bad faith" or "ignorance" and requires an apology.

"Today is, for me, as chairman of Sporting, one day very sad to see the name of Sporting attached to this release", began by saying Soares Franco. The manager explained later that the club has a "tacit agreement with its employees, who comes from many years" and providing for the payment of ordered between 5 and 10 days. "The professionals are assured of the return of their work is guaranteed. No one ever heard of the Sporting players to complain about this matter", argued. And the month of April was paid precisely this day 8.

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