quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2008

Training for 14 in countdown to the holidays

Between injuries and call the selections, just over 13 players to train in the Sporting return to work, which joined the junior goalkeeper André Martins.

Izmailov also was at the academy of Alcochete, but the gym was due to a tendinitis rotuliana. Bruno Pereirinha, operated by an inguinal hernia, Tonel, also operated the bones own nose, and Liedson, who faces long recovery, the others are unavailable for injury.

In the various selections are Rui Patrício, Miguel Veloso, João Moutinho, Purovic, Vukcevic, Stojkovic, Yannick Djaló and Adrien.

The "lions" have planned two more days of training, before entering on vacation.

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