sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

Rochemback: "Will back the old Fábio"

"The old Fabio is back!" These are the words that sends Rochemback from its site in the Soledade, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It is there that the medium is on holiday in ... movement, because it, not by one day, to address the physical, to reach Portugal in better shape.

Once we finished the season in England, Fábio Rochemback travelled to Lisbon. And signed for three seasons with Sporting was then consummated the return of the Brazilian Alvalade, where he had spent three seasons, from 2002 to 2005. And where has missed.

But it stopped working, taking care of the physical, and was within one of these sessions that the spokesman of the medium, Vifran Pompeu, gathered some statements from Rochemback at the request of A Bola.

But, after all, what they can expect from this people of the Sporting the average return of the Alvalade?

"I can only tell you that the old Fábio is back to Sporting", began by saying Rochemback and once completed: "I will to help the club win the titles, to be champion."

It launched the future, has begun the return of the good son to a departure from their homes in Europe.

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