domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Derlei: "This stadium also applaud will Moutinho standing"

Derlei, the Sporting player, after the victory in the game particularly with Sampdoria (2-0), to comment on the controversy with João Moutinho, who recently expressed a desire to leave the Sporting. The captain of Sporting marked the second goal of "lions" front of the Italian team and Brazil (which marked the first) think it is an important step towards reconciliation with the fans.

"There has never been reason (for controversy). He said he would like to go to another club. It was not for wanting to leave Sporting. He had received an offer tempting financially and the reaction was normal. But it also said that if it had to continue, continue. The João(Moutinho) remains the same within the town, remains the same occupation. This goal has given him more calm and he deserves. This stage also applaud the vai standing."

[Should continue as captain?] "There was never doubt. He was out of some games because of injury, and gave the armband. But will always has been and remains the master."

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