domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Paulo Bento, Moutinho and adepts: "Soon everything will return to normality"

Paulo Bento, coach of Sporting, after the victory ahead of Sampdoria, by 2-0 - this was the last meeting of pre-season, before the departure of Supertaça front of the F.C. Porto, which takes place on 16(day):

[The apparent reconciliation with Moutinho of the adepts was the great victory tonight?] The great victory was the 2-0. The rest have already been resolved and is something we have taken as closed. The players and coaches have to become accustomed to dealing with the feelings of people. In the last two games were a little different than usual, but I think everything will return to normal shortly.

[Moutinho had hoped that an income close to normal?] Unless we hoped that would render what the intended not arise. The João(Moutinho), as the others, aims to give the best by Sporting and we have done. "

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