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IFFHS: Sporting better than Real Madrid and is the first Portuguese

The Sporting rose one position in the IFFHS rankings, the International Federation of History and Statistics, and continues ahead of Real Madrid, Spanish bichampion, which is in 39th place, one behind the team of Alvalade.

The "lions" are the first between the Portuguese, but the largest rise was recorded between domestic clubs to the Sp Braga: 161 of the left post and rose to 103.

The F.C. Porto maintained the same position and Benfica dropped two places. Already the V. Setubal went from 306 to 321 of post.

At the top remains the Manchester United, now followed by the Glasgow Rangers, who in this update of the Chelsea shot in August for the third post. Incidentally, the first ten places show the supremacy English, with four emblems in the top ten. The Boca Juniors remains the best non-European team.

Rankings August of IFFHS:

1. (1.) Manchester United (England)
2. (4.) Glasgow Rangers (Scotland)
3. (2.) Chelsea (England)
4. (3.) Bayern Munich (Germany)
5. (5.) Barcelona (Spain)
6. (6.) AS Roma (Italy)
7. (7.) Liverpool (England)
8. (8.) Arsenal (England)
9. (9.) Boca Juniors (Argentina)
10. (10.) Inter Milan (Italy)
38. (39) Sporting (Portugal)
41. (41) F. C. Porto (Portugal)
53. (51) Benfica (Portugal)
103. (161) Sp Braga (Portugal)
321. (306) V. Setubal (Portugal)

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