segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2008

Nuno Valente want Moutinho in Everton: "It would be a good investment"

Nuno Valente called João Moutinho for Everton. Moreover, the Portuguese side to ensure your club that the player Sporting worth the investment, justifying the bet in the short or medium term.

"The coach has spoken with the president, because the initial is short. We need good players. Moutinho, of course, is a good player. Brightness in Euro2008, by Portugal. Play well, pushes his team to the front and is a leader. Indeed, if not, wouldn't be captain of Sporting with 21 years", recalled.

The former Portuguese international João Moutinho ensures that could succeed in the Premier League: "If spend much money on a player like him, he would assert the investment in the coming years. I see it here because it is Portuguese, but mainly because it is a good player and could improve our team."

For 33 years, Nuno Valente boots for the fourth season in Everton, having renewed his contract for one more season in May. In statements reproduced by the website official of the club from Liverpool, the left side guaranteed to be in good shape.

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