domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Paulo Bento confirms Caneira in place of Polga

Paulo Bento doesn't usually give information about the team that will use, even on the list of invited, but this time it made an exception. Perhaps as there are no major doubts of who would be the substitute for punishment Polga, confirmed that the technician will Caneira.

"The defensive structure will not change significantly. The Caneira, in 2006/07, also made several games as central. It can act in various positions. We know that Polga is an important player, but who has come to be a solution. The double central will Caneira and Tonel", said the technician, at a press conference.

But if the ownership of Caneira is a certainty, the use of Yannick Djaló is not so guaranteed, because of physical problems. "It is not clear who can play. Don't trained this Sunday. He has some complaints. It will be decided during the day of the game", said Paulo Bento.

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