domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Veloso and Vukcevic return to elected

Miguel Veloso and Simon Vukcevic are invited to return to Sporting, with a view to meeting the second day in the redoubt of Sp. Braga. The average international punishment front of the Portuguese met Trofense, and the Montenegrin was out, by choice, in that meeting.

The two players had been invited to the game especially with Real Madrid, but with respect to meetings of the League to return options by Paulo Bento.

From outside is Polga, which meets punishment after being expelled in the opening round.

List of invited:

Goalkeepers: Rui Patrício and Tiago;
Defenders: Abel, Daniel Carriço, Tonel, Caneira, Grimi, Ronny;
Midfielders: Adrien, Izmailov, Veloso, Pereirinha, Rochemback, Moutinho, Romagnoli;
Forwards: Vukcevic, Derlei, Yannick Djaló, Rodrigo Tiuí and Postiga.

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