quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2008

Tonel: "In the first part not as a team we met"

"In the first part not as a team we met, I don't know what they weighed, what happened, but not well adapted to the conditions and made a poor first half, even weak. In the second half we controlled the game more, we had more ball and made the Real Madrid running behind the ball. Real Madrid is a team of top, we knew we were going to find anything. The issue was that our team failed to mark well, failed to halt the attacks of Real."

What happened in the spa for a change of attitude in the second part?
"What happened is what usually happens with Paulo Bento to speak, to help us, tell us what went wrong. We tried to correct the errors in the second part."

It was with the idea that the owners do not consider the game seriously?
"The team has 24/25 players and all who are here must demonstrate that we are strong. There are only eleven players in the Sporting players, no players from the first and second."

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