quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2008

Yannick Djaló: "Served us a lesson for the coming games ahead"

"It was not the only Yannick, were all that came and those who were in camp, the attitude was different. We give another image of what the Sporting can offer.

What happened in the first part:
"Not well before entered a very strong opponent. This first part served us a lesson for the coming games ahead."

With these good showings thought to be called the Selection?
"Right now I am only thinking about the game on Monday with the Sp. Braga, which is the most important. After this defeat, we are striving to make the next match and win. After that I will think about the selection, but probably my destiny will be the sub-21 games Tuesday that will important. I want to help the sub-21."

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