domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Veloso: "The adepts have to realize that the players also have dreams"

Miguel Veloso keeps the door open, with regard to a possible transfer. The average says he feels well in the Sporting, but doesn't hide the ambition to make a "leap" in their careers.

"I have always said that to leave would have to be a club more than Sporting. The adepts have to realize that the players also have dreams, and I don't evade to the rule. "

[Believe may still arise a possibility that transfer?] "Everything is possible. I would like to play abroad, but I am a big club, which has given me everything, that I formed."

[Has the physical condition necessary to help the team?] "It was only my second game in this pre-season. Altogether I have 75 minutes played. I have the same form of my colleagues, but I am ready to help the team."

[Believe may still be in Supertaça holder?] "It is up to decide mister. If they understand that I play, then it is up to me to give my best."

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