terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2008

João Moutinho: "I am of body and soul in Sporting"

João Moutinho, the average Sporting, commented this way triumph in the redoubt of Sp. Braga (0-1). The Portuguese international is also ensured that body and soul of the club unfair:

"I have told, from day one, I Sporting in the body and soul. Only one will pass, nothing more. It was good getting to the club and for me. We have an excellent team, as proved today. We are already in the first, now we want to continue that."

Sporting is stronger? "I think yes. In addition to reinforcements, the team is more experienced, more mature. All rowing for the same side for the victory. We manage the game in our favour."

Prefers playing in position 6 or 10? "Yes, I have already conveyed several times that prefer playing at position 10. In any case, if not played much in the first part, was because the Meyong was always on top of the catch, in this case myself, not giving space to catch the game. The most important is not I play, the team is playing. We achieved a great victory in a difficult field."

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