terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2008

Miguel Veloso: "Fighting for the leadership three years ago"

Miguel Veloso, the average Sporting, commented this way triumph in the redoubt of Sp. Braga (0-1):

"I don't think that the victory was so suffered. The Sporting, although the Braga have had more possession of ball, always controlled the game. The leadership was something that fighting to achieve at least since I am here, this is my third year. It is good to now, what matters is how recently, so we must maintain this position. The Sporting is stronger in all sectors. We have a large group, now we have to prove within the field."

About the closure of the transfer market: "I always thought in Sporting, I have contract until 2013, I never thought another club. I have always been of body and soul in Sporting, since I came here."

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