segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

Association of fans asks resigned from Bento

In a statement sent on Sunday to the administration of Sporting SAD, the Association of Sportinguistas Fans called for the resignation of coach football Paulo Bento, who yesterday took his defeat (2-1) before the game with Sp. Braga.

"Given the views of destitute professional football team Sporting Clube de Portugal that creep ever since last season with obvious consequences on the results, some of which are historic but the negative, the Association of Sportinguistas Fans want the Board of Sporting SAD take the decision to fire coach Paulo Bento post of coach of professional football team", reads the statement sent by the Association of Adepts.

"It is no longer permissible to abdicate to make decisions and never put in question all the time remaining", continued the association is not without acknowledging the work of the coach: "The Bento, we address our "Thank you" for taking the defense of the club on several occasions with other functions that these responsibilities abdicated exercise. We also wish all the luck in the coach continued his career outside of Alvalade."

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