segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

Sporting complained to UEFA

The Sporting is outraged by arbitration Viktor Kassai the game with Fiorentina, so exposure to the UEFA follows this Monday. Concerned expulsions spared the Italians.

The legal department of Sporting, SAD is even decided not to let the case go blank and it has prepared an exhibition on Viktor Kassai arbitrage game in the Champions of Tuesday afternoon, compared to Italians Fiorentina in Alvalade, and that finished tied at two goals.

The protest against the exhibition of the Hungarian judge should follow today to UEFA.

The main complaints of the lions are related to two bids. The first logo to eleven minutes, the referee did not drive Gamberini after he assaulted Liedson with a slap and a punch. Following this incident, Vukcevic saw the first yellow card for coming out in defense of levezinho, punishment identical to the Italian.

In the second part, to celebrate the goal, the Montegrino stripped sweater, picked up his second yellow card and was sent off.

Remember that the purpose of this bid, the president of the Portuguese Football Federation, Gilberto Madail, considered an injustice to punish a player when he celebrates a goal and has already set have defended the UEFA Executive Committee, which forms part of Amendment regulation on the subject.

Another thing that very angry makers leonine occurred 47 minutes when Dainelli was lacking deserves a yellow card on João Moutinho. Viktor Kassai noted the lack, but saved the captain of Fiorentina's second yellow card and subsequent expulsion.

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