terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009

Iordanov will have "a great party affective"

Iordanov been asking for years a farewell party of Sporting, which serves to mark its exit from the club who played for nine years and to which the captain. José Eduardo Bettencourt said on Monday that is handling the case and that the old Bulgarian forward will have the party it deserves.

"I had a meeting on Friday with their representatives and enjoyed the game of his farewell party was a great emotional and emotive sportinguistas. I think he deserves", he said during the presentation of a group of new members.
"The experience of life that I have tells me that the people who will decide the best subjects are those that are not there. There are things that have to deal with in various areas but being resolved in the best way, given that this is the time to create conditions to have a party here pretty much", he concluded.

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