segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2009

Miguel Angulo can yield Matías Fernández pesquisar

Matias Fernandez could open the door to the ownership of Miguel Angel Angulo in team of Sporting, in this case to the premiere of the latest enhancement goal against Paços de Ferreira next round of the League.

Nothing is concrete at this time, but wear a Matías Fernández who is the subject of the commitments of the Chilean team, with several long trips (see another piece), not to mention in the minutes of football that will have the legs can prevent South American to present the best physical conditions for a compromise that will take place just two days after their arrival in Portugal.

It is in this perspective that Angulo - has fit in and train normally with the squad of players available - may have the first chance to show he is a real boost for midfielder of Sporting.

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