quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

Izmailov almost ready

Within a week and a half the Russian is already on the pitch, but will again be observed in Germany. However, Izmailov can return the game with Belenenses.

Paulo Bento is about to get the desired boost for this season, as within a week and a half Marat Izmailov is the pitch to start the final phase of their recovery process.

More precisely, 22 this month - the next Monday to eight days - the number 7 of "lions" should start the practice field to begin to regain fitness.

The Russian was operated on 20 July in Munich, Germany, the surgeon Seebauer Ludwig, an inflammation of the tendon in his right knee jerk and at the time, the medical department of the lions was estimated at ten weeks (two and a half months) time minimum recovery medium.

Izmailov moves at the end of next week (Friday or Saturday) back to Germany for a new revaluation by the clinician.

However, last week, the last time it was observed by Ludwig Seebauer, the doctor was very pleased with the way the course was the recovery of the Russian international and, therefore, all combine to make the next appointment, all consistent with the clinical management of lions, led by Gomes Pereira, give the green light to Russian for this is found to be medically fit.

After this step, Izmailov will have to regain the necessary condition and will require two weeks to be on the threshold to be used and thus should already be able to enter in the accounts before the departure Belenenses, scheduled for the weekend 4th week of October.

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