quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

Saleiro: "We are prepared to P. Ferreira"

Carlos Saleiro ensures that Sporting will face Sunday's meeting with P. Ferreira and always comes to every game, "to win".

"The team, even with the incomplete group, worked well in these two weeks and are ready for Sunday", said the Sporting striker, who went on Wednesday with the defense André Marques to Hospital Santa Maria for a charitable action.

The players visited the children who are at the pediatric service, and beyond Sporting scarves, handed out many smiles.

"It is a special day for them and for us, is different. I'm here with Andre to give a little love and a hug of joy to these children", said the striker.

Saleiro, which was the first baby born in Portugal through the method of fertilization in vitro, confessed to feel "special" and recalled that he was born in Santa Maria Hospital.

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