domingo, 30 de novembro de 2008

Rochemback and Pedro Silva recovered

Rochemback and Pedro Silva trained this Sunday without limitations, the meeting scheduled for not summoned, in the Academy, and that Vukcevic reinstated the disciplinary procedure.

Already the recoveries of Tonel and Abel are still being watched by the medical department and, according to the report of Sporting, Virgilio Abreu, is not expected that the two player incorporating the work of the team since Tuesday, when the return to the Academy, but it is likely to happen during the week.

For the game with V. Guimaraes of, Virgilio Abreu said there was no illness and that the replacement of Grimi was not due to physical complaints.

The Sporting enjoy this vacation Monday and the next day to start preparing for the journey with the E. Amadora, in Amadora.

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